Graduate Programs

M.S. in Computer and Communication Engineering (MCCE)

M.S. program in Computer and Communication Engineering (MCCE) is a two years intensive program which includes course work as well as a research project work. The M.S. program in CCE is designed to produce highly motivated and trained telecom specialists for the new frontiers of engineering. The CCE program focuses on providing excellent education in modern communications networks and systems, preparing students for outstanding careers in telecommunications, data communications, network architecture, wireless, sensing, processing storage and transmission of information and optical networking. The program is based on a solid foundation of science and mathematics coursework. Students in this program are given an opportunity to:

  1. learn to extend their abilities to analyze and solve complex problems,
  2. design new uses of technology to serve society,
  3. design problems are frequently assigned in both lecture and laboratory courses.
Graduates in this program will play an effective role in research and development in various computer and telecommunication industries.