Undergraduate Programs

B.S. in Telecommunication Engineering (TENG)

A three year program with the purpose of producing competent engineers who are highly trained in telecommunication engineering to meet the needs of a continuously expanding industrial society. The undergraduate program prepares students with expertise in telecommunications engineering and technology through theoretical and hands on practices. The TENG courses deal with topics such as electrical circuits and systems, electronics, telecommunications, digital system design, microprocessors design, Radio frequency electronics, networks, electromagnetism, transmission lines and antennas.

B.S. in Computer Engineering (CENG)

A three year program with majority of the core courses of the CENG program are from computer systems engineering. Compared with a computer scientist, the Computer Engineer will have a thorough understanding of both computer hardware and software, covering a wide variety of topics ranging from semiconductor electronics to engineering software development methodologies. The CENG courses deal with topics such as data structures, algorithms, programming languages, networks, database systems, microcomputers and operating systems.

Undergraduate Study Plan