Full-Time Faculty

  • Mohamad Raad, Chairman, Associate Professor  Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, 2003, University of Wollongong, Wollongong- Australia.
  • Majd Ghareeb, Associate Chairman, Associate Professor Ph.D in Computer Engineering, 2011IRISA,INRIA/University of Rennes 1, Rennes- France.
  • Abdelmehsen Ahmad , Assistant Professor Ph.D. in Telecommunications and IT, 2012, Telecom SudParis, Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) University, Paris-France and Lebanese University.
  • Ali Bazzi, Assistant Professor Ph.D. in Signal Processing and Telecommunications, 2010, Telecom Bretagne, Brest, France.
  • Ali Ghouwayel, Associate Professor
    Ph.D. in Signal Processing and Telecommunication, 2007, Supélec/University of Rennes 1, Rennes- France.
  • Amin Haj-Ali, Dean of the School of Engineering, Professor
    Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2002, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI– USA.
  • Hussein Hijazi, Associate Professor
    Ph.D. in Signal Processing and Telecommunication, 2008, Grenoble Institute of Technology, Gronoble- France.
  • Ismail Al-Sayad, Associate Professor Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2011, Lille 1 University - Science and Technology, Villeneuve d'ascq- France.
  • Milad Ghantous, Associate Professor Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, 2011, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA - USA.
  • Oussama Tahan, Associate Professor Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and Science (Parallel and Fault-Tolerant Computing), 2012, University of Technology of Compiègne, Compiègne, France.
  • Samih Abdul-NabiAssistant Professor
    Ph.D. in Computer and Communication Engineering, 2015
  • Zaher Merhi, Associate Professor
    Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, 2010, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA- USA.
  • Zouhair El-Bazzal, Associate Professor
    Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, 2008, Ecole de Technologie Supérieure, Montreal- Canada.

Adjunct Faculty
  • Ayman Khalil, Assistant Professor
  • Samir Omar, Assistant Professor
  • Mohamad Husseini, Assistant Professor
  • Ali Masri, Assistant Professor
  • Ammar El FalouAssistant Professor
  • Hassan El MakssoudAssistant Professor
  • Rawad Abou AssiAssistant Professor
  • Ibrahim El-BitarAssistant Professor
  • Moustafa RizkAssistant Professor
  • Hadi NourddineAssistant Professor
  • Achraf MallatAssistant Professor
  • Hamsaa Hasrouny Lecturer
  • Ali KalakechAssistant Professor
  • Hassan NasserAssistant Professor
  • Nada Khaled Lecturer
  • Omar ChebaroAssistant Professor
  • Reda ShbibAssistant Professor
  • Lana DamajAssistant Professor