The mission of the Department of Computer and Communications Engineering is to Embracing new ideas, methods, changes, promoting inspiration, innovation, inventiveness, and risk-taking. Instill in students an appreciation of learning and the need to remain abreast of changing technology throughout their career. Students will be successfully able to integrate the fundamentals of computer and telecommunications engineering and design/realization practices to develop innovative solutions to complex technological problems through creating an awareness of the persistent concepts in computing and their realization in current platforms and tools.

    Students are trained to practice as professional engineers or enter graduate programs of study in computer and communication engineering. This grounding includes instilling in the students a positive reception of ethical and professional standards in order to be competent to work hard as members and leaders of multidisciplinary teams through effective communication with members both inside and outside of their profession. The groundwork comprises possessing excellent communication skills, outshining in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, and having an appreciation for non-technical disciplines.

  To keep the CCE curricula and pedagogy up-to-date, the department launched a regular assessment and articulation process to identify the needs and evaluate the program outcomes. The department encourages contribution in workshops, conferences, and seminars that are relevant to its curricular and pedagogical needs and that are likely to lead to appropriate change.

    The school provides laboratory environment that is attractive, serviceable, and promotes a sense of community among students in conjunction with guaranteeing that the sate of the art laboratory facilities are functional, available, and accessible to the students.

    At present, the department offers the following programs:

Domain of Work

     Graduates with a degree from the CCE department will have best job prospects in the following fields: Network design and operation for public and private telecom operators, Design of network for financial services applications (banks, financial services center building societies etc.), Technical marketing including network design, Telecommunications research organizations, Telecommunications consultants, Telecommunications software development, Software firms, Computer Firms.